Low Noise 600 kHz Preamplifier


► 600kHz signal bandwidth
► 109 gain (1V/nA)
► 100 pA RMS noise @ 600kHz bandwidth
► 1 pA RMS noise @ 10kHz bandwidth
► Power supply: ±15V external
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General information

Due to a special design and great care in the selection of components, the LPM 600kHz I/V converter is characterised by a combination of a large bandwidth and ultra-low noise. Over the full bandwidth the integrated current noise (RMS) is as low as 100pA.

If no high-frequency operation is required, the preamplifier can be flexibly operated as tuneable bandwidht, ultra-los noise preamplifier by using a basic low-pass filter at the output. When filtering at at e.g. 5kHz, the current noise is as low as 1pA (RMS). In the graph below the integrated noise level as function of filter bandwidth is shown.

Noise Performance

The graph below shows the nosise level as function of the applied filter bandwidth. The noise measured on the output of the device will depend on the capacitance that is connected at the input (the coaxial cable to the sample or tip). This graph is measured with a connected capacitance of 27pF, which is about 25cm of coaxial cable.



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