EC STM: a Flow Cell based Electrochemical STM


In a joint project with researchers from Leiden University, we can now offer a complete EC-STM setup for in-situ and high-speed imaging of Electrochemical processes with the following key characteristics:

  • Flow cell geometry: the electrolyte can be changed or additives can be mixed during imaging; any changes in chemistry will be directly made visible by the STM
  • High speed imaging: processes such as plating or catalysis can be followed as function of time
  • Clever design to minimize thermal drift
  • A potentiostat to customize the electrochemical experiments to high degree, including variation of potential during imaging

The images below provide a good demonstration of the resolving power and flexibility of this instrument. Contact us for quotation requests or more details on this system.


Cu underpotential deposition (UPD) layer formation on a Au(111) surface from a Cl-containing electrolyte during a potential sweep. The image was scanned line-by-line from top to bottom. The inset shows the atomically resolved structure of the UPD layer. Cu crystallites electrodeposited on Au(111) from a Cl-containing electrolyte during bulk deposition. The image is differentiated. The height of the crystallites is about 30 nm. The image scale is 1400x1400 nm2.

Courtesy (both images): Dr. M.J. Rost et al., Leiden University


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