LPM High-voltage Drivers


► up to +/- 200V Output
400kHz small signal bandwidt
60kHz full power bandwidth
50μV noise level @ 10kHz BW
► 50V/μs slew rate @ 4.7nF load
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General information

LPM has developed a high-end driver system that combines extremely low noise levels with a high output power and a large bandwidth. Due to the unique performance the LPM drivers are the best choice for your high resolution Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM), nano-positioning systems (e.g. PZT piezo motors) and many other applications such as ultrasonics or MEMS.

We do not only claim to have the best noise performance, we also give numbers such that you can determine it yourself: despite the high bandwidth, the noise is only 0.5 μV/√Hz, and the buzz (50 Hz) is < 3 μV RMS. Find more about the performance here.

The LPM Driver system is a completely modular system which enables custom configuration. The actual Driver modules are located on the front side of a standard 19" rack, while the net-entry, all required power supplies and the HV-output connectors are located on the rear side. The drivers are equipped with an overheating circuit that switches the amplifier automaticallyl down. Activation of this safety circuit is indicated by a front-pannel LED.

The driver modules are also available as individual modules for integration in your current system or for OEM solutions. Contact us for specific details such as power-supply connectivity.

One rack can house up to 6 driver modules but also other LPM modules or your own modules (such as signal generators for your piezo motor) can easily be integrated into the system. See the dedicated flyer on the LPM high-voltage Drivers for a detailed description of all the options.




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