LPM Video Rate SPM Control Electronics


General information

With the LPM Video Rate SPM Controller, LPM is again pushing the limits of state-of-the-art SPM technology. With this universal controller, a new epoch in scanning probe microscopy is opened: making movies of surfaces and processes that occur.

The high frame-rate not only enables the 'life' study of surface dynamics, but also makes SPM-imaging much more comfortable and much less time-consuming. For 'special' imaging modes, such as measuring force-distance curves or dI/dV maps, the acquisition time can be strongly reduced.

The system allows:

♦ high frame rates: video imaging, including fast feedback
♦ fast 3D spectroscopy (Force-distance, I-V, ...)
♦ Extreme X,Y-resolution (1024 x 1024 images in less than 30 sec...)
(for a detailed description, see Rev. Sci. Instrum. 76, 053710-1 (2005), ask us for a pdf)

The Controler is designed to allow a versatile connection to any Scanning Probe Microscope. It provides full access to all Input and Output Signals. The LPM Control Electronics consists of four 19”crates. Each crate contains several modules having a specific function. This architecture provides the flexibility to adapt the system according to the demands of the user by e.g. adding special signal shapers for input conversion (AFM, STM, …). Moreover, when upgraded versions of the electronics will become available, only specific modules needs to be replaced, making upgrading cheap and easy.

The four crates have the following function:

Fast, analog Feedback Electronics (1MHz)
Low noise, high-bandwidth, high power Piezo Driver
Analog and Digital Scan Generator
Low Noise, High Speed ADCs

The system can be sold as a complete SPM-control system, including data the data-acquisition and analysis software CAMERA.

The individual crates or modules can also be sold as separate units to upgrade your existing home-build or commercial SPM control system. We give some examples:

Gain signal-to-noise by using the fully analog LPM Large Bandwidth Feedback Crate combined with existing system
Gain signal-to-noise by using the high=bandwith, low noise LPM Piezo Drivers, in combination with your current controller
Increase the bandwidth of your detection system by using the LPM Scan Generator Crate and LPM Fast ADC Crate with your current feedback system and high-voltage drives. This combination allows you to make use of the 3.3 Msample/sec sampling rate at true 16 bit resolution enabling fast I-V spectroscopy of force-distance measurements.
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